5 Lies Holding You Back from Reaching Your Goals

Research shows that over 50% of the population considers themselves affected by this. Most of us struggle with not being able to think and act beyond them. They cause high performers to crumble. They hold dreamers in a state of drift.

There’s a lot on your plate and you don’t know where to start. You have a deadline at work to meet and several projects needing your attention at home. You feel overwhelmed and nothing is going your way. Scared you may not move the needle in any direction and suddenly you think to yourself, “I’m going to fail”. And that’s where it enters: limiting beliefs.

If you’re not careful this initial thought will quickly gain traction and become a reality. I know because I’ve been there. I’m describing myself.



6 Constructive Ways to Create Clarity

Foolish people waste their time waiting for clarity to make an appearance in their lives. The problem with waiting for a clarity is that it doesn’t always arrive when you need it, if it arrives at all. We need to take action in order to inspire clarity. It will be scary, but the most effective thing we can do is jump right in.

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Four long years developing a professional skill only to conclude that I don’t use and will likely never put it to practice.



How a Break Will Help You Gain More Clarity and Increase Productivity

The average American works 9.2 hours per day. For those of us who also make space for side hustles and don’t compromise home projects, I’d argue that we reside on the higher end of the study and likely exceed the average. Ever feel overwhelmed, tired and way too busy keeping up with the day to day? Maybe what you need is to take a break.

taking a break

It never feels like the right time but taking breaks can be healthy and productive. Making space to reflect and spend some time on ourselves can be rejuvenating, stress relieving, and it can even clarify some things. It can help us create further progress with our work. Research shows that a break might be exactly what you need.

How can pausing my work help me get more work done?



3 Practical Time Management Tips to Increase Performance

Most people spend a lot of time managing multiple tasks for multiple projects that matter a lot to us, our work, and the people most important to us. Convincing ourselves that if we just give a little to each one at the same time we can complete them all and everything will be great. We sacrifice a lot of valuable time and energy wrestling things that appeared to be important only to find out they were not important at all. We drain our time and energy fighting and by the end, everyone loses.


Everything is equally important and if we find a way to do more and do it faster then we can get more accomplished, right? This couldn’t be further from the truth.



5 Reasons Why You Must Avoid Becoming a Leader

I‘ve been faced with many tough decisions in my life. One of the toughest decisions I’ve ever had to make was when I was offered a promotion which would make me responsible for leading the a team of my peers. This was right after my former boss had been released for not producing results. I was excited and ready for the challenge but I had no idea what I was walking into by accepting a leadership role.


I learned quickly that true leadership is a responsibility that is earned, not taken.



What No One Tells You About Working in Operations

Deciding what you want to be when you grow up is one of the toughest challenges every adult wrestles with. Next to “what’s your favorite color”, “what do you want to be when you grow up” is one of the most common and painful questions we all get asked. The process of deciding whether or not to even go to college , then choosing a college major, and settling on a career path is extremely difficult and scary considering you don’t always know what’s waiting for you on the other side.

sky diving

We are not going to uncover this hidden jewel in this post but I am going to take some time to share my experience specifically in a career in Operations Management. By the end, I expect you will have a strong understanding of whether this path is the right fit for you.