Hey there, I’m Edwin.

If you’re anything like me, you’re a quiet—intentional—high achiever. You invest a lot of energy thinking of ways to stretch yourself, your work , and your influence. You want to learn from the best in order to create positive —lasting—change. You are committed to doing great work that makes a meaninful difference. Work that matters. 

But something always gets in the way. There seems to be too much noise and too little time.

My hope is to make this website the home to a small community of committed people who are looking to become stronger and more productive, more creative and better equipped, while also enhancing their relationships and their influence.

We’re all looking to improve and I would be honored if I can help you on your journey as I discover what works.

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This page organizes and links to my best work.

Through my blog, my mission is to foster a community of like-minded leaders examining the best ways to gain clarity, courage, and commitment to reach their goals. From practical tools that you can quickly put into action, to proven strategies and techniques for personal growth, my goal is to empower you to get results.

In the links below, you’ll find my best articles as well as my personal suggestions – including my reviews on great books, great podcasts, and great resources. These include articles distributed here on my blog as well as guest posts on other publications and websites—such as The Good Men Project, Medium, and LinkedIn.

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